The Business of Vaping

Age Verification For Vape Shops – The Definitive Guide

age verification for vape shops

 Subscribe To VapeMentors on Youtube Age verification is profoundly important for the survival of the brick and mortar vape shop. Every vape shop owner, manager and employee needs to make an effort to educate sales reps on proper age verification. The FDA has certain rules that a vape shop must follow, but your local…

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Prop E San Francisco 2018 Results

#noonprope #yesonprope results

In a demoralizing blow to the San Francisco tobacco harm reduction fight, the San Francisco flavored tobacco ban known as Proposition E passes with almost 70% in favor. San Francisco has chosen to let their small businesses fail and leave their cigarette addicted citizens with fewer options.

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The 5 Minute Vape Industry MBA

The 5 minute vape MBA

Read this if you want to skip MBA school and go right into the vape industry.

Look, I have an MBA. I wish it wasn’t true, but it was a complete waste of money. I’ve actually spent the last 4 years re-programming my brain to be an entrepreneur, not a corporate robot (which is what an MBA trains you to be).

That said, there are SOME things you can learn and apply to vaping.

I ran across this Twitter feed and was absolutely blown away by the value and clarity with which this person explains complex topics.

As I was reading it I immediately connected it to the vaping industry, so I wrote up this post with a “how this applies to vaping”.

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Can Your Juice Brand Continue To Grow In A Challenged Market?

Vape Industry Business Exchange

How do we stay competitive and ahead of the market as we face a new business environment like none we have ever seen? As little as a year or two ago it was easy to capture some market share. The only requirement…Just show up! Those days are gone. Some predict as much as 80% of the vape businesses in existence today will be gone in the next two years. Whatever the actual number, will you be one of them?

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The 7 Dynamics Of A Successful Shop Owner

Why are some shops making $20,000 a month and easily hitting their sales goals while others are wondering when their doors will close?

The question is loaded, and perhaps there is not an easy answer, but there is a straightforward solution brought to you by the E-Myth Method of business management.

In 1986, Michael Gerber’s wrote a book called “The E-Myth”. Its concepts dealt with the differences between so-called “technicians” and actual business owners.There is a HUGE difference, and the ideas are just as accurate today as they were back then.

The vape industry is crawling with “technicians”

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So What Exactly is a Vape Lounge?

And why the hell does my city care so much? NOTE: This report is updated in May 2015 since this issue is has become significant after attending city council meetings for clients to overcome that designation. Some of those results are modified in this updated report. We’ve identified four “watchdogs” or entities that you need to be…

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The Reinvention of Smoke Shops

You probably know what a “Smoke Shop” is, but just in case, here’s a brief definition: it’s “a store selling tobacco products and smoking equipment.” Glad we cleared that up, sorry if it was overly complex. They have been around for decades and have specialized in specific and obvious markets. In many states cigarettes were…

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The Top 7 Questions to Ask Before Opening a Vape Shop (Abridged)

Since starting VapeMentors in July 2013 these seven questions have not changed that much. Many of these questions motivated us to create the Vape U programs, which now cover brick and mortar shops as well as e-liquid companies. Many aspiring vape shop owners want to open a store based on excitement and a desire to “change…

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