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You need to start checking ID’s ASAP. But how do you know a good one from a fake one? VapeMentors recently discovered a 21st century solution that savvy vape shop owners are using to stay in FDA compliance.

The Bar and Club Stats app is an iOS and Android app that scans state ID’s, identifying frauds and ensuring your customers are of-age.

While the app was initially designed for the bar and club scene, anyone with a smartphone or tablet can use the app to check ID’s, giving you the same security you’d find in a night club.

You can also use the app to track customer demographics and other key business statistics.

Stay In Compliance with New FDA Regulations

The Bar and Club Stats app is able to read the bar codes or magnetic strips on your customer’s ID and verify that they are providing legal identification.

The app can scan ID cards from all 50 US states, as well as military and Canadian ID cards. The app can also identify if the card scanned is a fake, helping vape shops crack down on underage customers with false ID’s.

Track Customer Demographics and Identify Trends

The app does not stop with ID verification.

When scanned the app takes several pieces of information from the ID and saves it to your personal database. Along with the time of scan, you will receive the customer’s name, gender, age and zip code.

Download the data later and use it to view trends about your customers.

  • How far did they drive to get here?
  • How many vape shops did they pass on the way?
  • How often do they visit your shop?
  • Is there a certain neighborhood that your customers live in?
  • What did they purchase and how much did they spend?
  • What are your busiest times of the day?
  • What percentage of female vs male customers?
  • What is their average age?

All of these questions can be answered by using the Bar and Club Stats app with every customer that walks through your door.

Create Customer Incentive Programs

A great feature of the Bar and Club Stats app is the ability to identify VIP customers, giving vape shops a unique opportunity to create an incentive for their customers that come in the door.

If you set up a customer as a VIP, then whenever their ID is scanned it will alert you and you can provide the VIP with whatever incentive you choose.

Custom Reporting

If you want even more detailed information, for an extra fee Bar and Club Stats will provide you with a custom report where they analyze the data and convert into an easy to read format.

The Bars and Clubs app and the optional scanner are compatible with Apple product devices, including iPhones and iPods so you can easily check your compatibility through the App Store.